A night in the tropics

A Sweet smell sweeps

down the stairs the stairs

to greet me. A low rumble blends

in with the sing song American accents.

This beat, an unusual beat in this heat, welcomes me onto the verandah.

A Familiar friendly face, a single barrel American whiskey and a peace pipe makes me feel at home.


The night sounds supplements the small talk, small talk with substance.

Anecdotes about a world hidden, a sort of secret society, where socializing has focus. Another where connections create networks that bus us to the future.

Chores, a splash a farewell.

In my car I know I shouldn’t, but I leave anyway.




A brand new poem

I was driving seasick again.
Like you do.
When you can only take selfies.


Look at the stars. Shh. Listen.

Laughter. Like water caressing pebbles.

Stories can lead to secret worlds.
Worlds unlocked by the right questions.
But also by the wrong ones.

Sydney 2019

Oh Australia,
You’ve given them a new name:
The first nation people
A flag, an apology
And 1.3% of the population
A hollow sound, a sour taste
But narries, right?
A cute wishing fountain
For the hungry and the blind
Isnt that kind

But like your town hall youve covered up skeletons.
This time with oppurtunities for those who dare to come build their dreams.
So i guess in a way, you are making up for it?
Are all dreams equal?
Can the laughter of this new generation, fill the silence, that uncomfortable silence.

8/30 Gedagtes

“Sy is ‘n ‘natural”,

“ek dink nie so nie sy werk net baie hard”

“Is daar ‘n verskil?”

“Net in mindset.”

“Wie se mindset?”

“Joune, haarne, myne”

“Wie sin is beter?”

“Nie ‘is’ nie ‘raak.”







7/30 Gedagtes

Gister het ‘n apie met ‘n mango gegooi

en dit het hard gereen op presies die verkeerde tyd

Ek het ‘n random couple gehad wat my huis gedeel het

Net nog ‘n dag in die verte

If this isnt nice what is

Gedagtes 6/30

Ek kiekie van n coconut boom laat my onthou dat dinge soms so orals is dat ons hulle nie meer sien nie.

My aircon kul my en laat my dink dit is winter tot dat ek die deur oopmaak.

Don’t dink Do dit